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About me:

My real name is Anthony Rufo. I was born in Providence R.I. on January 17th 1968.

I graduated top of my class in 1987 and went on to trade school were I learned a trade in Auto repair. I have been an auto technician for over 12 years. I enjoy working on exotic, classic, and custom high performance vehicles. My specialty is auto electronics stereos, and electronic gadgets for cars.


Athletic history:

I was always active, and in my pre-teen days I played hockey and baseball. As I grew I noticed that I had natural strength and agility so my parents signed me up for Pop Warner Football. At age 12, I weighed 184 lbs and needed to drop 40 lbs to make weight. I began dieting and bicycle riding to get the weight off. Success! I played football throughout my teenage years and in weighed 304 lbs my freshman year in high school (A.L.P. and Central High). Lets just say that when I went to join the team, the Football Coach was grinning ear to ear when he saw me. Before the actual season started I had dieted and trained hard to get in shape. I weighed 286 lbs. We didnt always win all of our games but we played our hearts out, and I had a great respect for my self and other athletes.

Several years went by and I was still active. Every weekend I participated in pickup games and playing flag football helped keep me active. I then began training again to get a tryout for a local semi pro football team in my home state. I was a little older and my knees were slightly banged up, so the second thoughts of joining took over and I retired the plans of playing football.


Pro Wrestling:

I began my wrestling career at age 25 I got into the sport after watching two former classmates and good friends wrestling on a local public access channel late one Saturday night. It was Tiny The Terrible VS Half Nelson. They slammed and beat each other to a pulp at the delight of a handful of fans in a huge rickety looking wrestling ring. The show was put on by the New England wrestling Alliance. I searched for them to speak about wrestling and the next night I accompanied them to an old warehouse where a makeshift ring and a group of guys were practicing wrestling holds and taking falls. At first my egotistical side laughed as I hysterically stepped out of the room, but the more competitive sportsman side of me told me to give a try. The next night I signed up at the N.E.W.A. Office, and before I knew it I was in the ring learning to fall correctly (taking bumps). I WASNT LAUGHING THEN! I worked hard on my wrestling skills and as fate would have it I had injured my knee about a month before their next show. I wanted to be on that show so bad, but I could not train. I had worked so hard on my wrestling gimmick, and I had to be part of the show one way or another. The night of the show I said to the promoter I dont know what to do in the ring. He said just go in and kill everyone!  I was labeled as a stiff. I knew that I needed to better my wrestling skills and I wanted to be more serious about my wrestling career, I then joined Killer Kowalskis School of Pro Wrestling. After a few months I left the school due to transportation problems and my hectic work schedule. At the time I owned my own auto repair shop, and my dedication to wrestling was taking me away from the shop, and my business was beginning to suffer. Needless to say I gave up the repair shop. I went back to wrestling and after a year I was making my presence in different wrestling promotions. The rest is my story.

Thank You:
I would like to personally thank all those who have helped me in the wrestling business, all the promotions, workers, and friends who supported me though the years. I wish great luck and success to all those who keep wrestling industry alive. 
Special thanks:
Doug "Tiny the Terrible", Jason "Half Nelson", John "Gino Martino", Butch "The Super Star", Rocco, Randy, Rob "Badboy Billy Black", Jose "Jose Perez" , Vinny, "Draven" Kyle, "Kyle Storm", Mike & Krys "The Biggs", Gary "Nature Boy", Orlando "Travis Funk", Bert Centeno, and all the others who have helped me along the way. (R.I.P. Dave "Chief Foxx")