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This letter goes out to all my fans, friends, people that I have had the honor of meeting, fans and wrestlers I have had the privilege of working in one of my guises as Dambulla, Marvin The Maniac, Mr. Troubleman, The King Of Chaos Ali Muhammad in my travels throughout the Indy Wrestling scene. I am writing this letter to inform all of you that after nine years I have decided to retire from pro wrestling. I may have been telling some of you that I have an upcoming operation sometime in December and that I did not expect to return to the ring after my operation. I was however still planning to wrestle up until the day I am scheduled to go into the hospital. I had planned on being at several Indy shows before the end of the year. But after deep consideration I decided to hang up the boots so to speak. My thought of retiring on a good note was a little tarnished by certain circumstances in which at this time I will not mention. I was one of the lucky ones I guess to have done what I have done in the wrestling business, from the various feds I have worked with and owned, to the all the wrestlers from the locals to the many superstars I have had the honor to work with and meet. I was very fortunate to overcome a serious back injury seven years ago that almost cost my life during surgery. Many thought I was crazy to get back into the ring, there were even individuals that were glad that I was gone some bet that I would not make it back.  While doctors speculated I would never be able to participate in any athletic type of capacity I helped prove them wrong with determination and hard work. With a lot of help and encouragement I was able to work very hard what turned out to be a long and difficult come back attempt. Shortly after my return to the ring I was again slowed down with not one but two serious knee injuries one after the other. After about a year later an abscess formed in both of my knees from an infection in both upper calves. It took three separate operations repair damaged tissue I was on the shelf again for three months. So when I say lucky that is what I mean. Other than my personal issues that led me to the decision it is also a matter of health that has forced my early retirement. After all that I have seen, and done fate will not allow me to reach my goal of ten years. I feel like I have lost something and I have never been so disturbed by making such a decision such as this.


At this time I would like to thank all who have been there with me through all that has taken place in the last nine years. It doesnt seem that long to me but all the tapes, pictures, and scars can tell their own story. I want to wish nothing but the best to all the people I have had the honor of helping break into the wrestling business it is you that keep our sport alive, good luck to all of you. I have had an exciting wrestling career filled with some of the happiest of times as well as some of the saddest as well. I am fortunate that wrestling has taken me to places I probably would have never seen otherwise, and it allowed me to meet people and make new friends along the way. If I looked back at my career and point to what made me the happiest during those times, it is the true friends I have made that will keep my memories alive that is what I will miss the most.


There are so many names that were an influence in my career, so I will start with the closest to me in no particular order, and please forgive me if I left anyone out. Doug Tiny The Terrible, Jason Half Nelson,  Jose Jose Perez, Sonny D. Iceberg, John Gino Martino Bert El Mascarado Kyle Kyle Storm, Vinny, Draven, Dave Chief Foxx (R.I.P.), Dan Dan Biodondi Danny Short sleeve Eric Widowmaker Ronnie Ronnie D., Andy Edward G Jason Jason Rumble. Jimmy Trooper, Rich Palladino, Randy Miller, Mike and Krys Biggs, Gary Gary Gold, Orlando Travis Funk All the students who attended the UCW and SCA wrestling schools and my ring crew boys especially Mike James Sr . I am glad to have had all of you in my life.


And to all my fans who supported me it was for you that I gave my all


Anthony Rufo